im luanne. I have a strange obsession with The Hunger Games.


Cy Twombly - Hero and Leandro, 1984

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She's gone all the time

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im one of those people who goes back into those friendships where the person leaves you for weeks forgetting you even exist and comes back to you because i just want to talk to them because you have no one else to talk to and they’re the only person who understands you and brightens up your day

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Love of mine, won’t you lay by my side, and rest your weary eyes, before we’re out of time. Give me one last kiss, for soon, such distance, will stretch between our lips.

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Spoby Meme: Arguments/Fights [2/2]

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What about you, girl on fire? Do you have any secrets worth my time?

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The image of Cinna, beaten and bloody, consumes me.

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